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After three years of researching, fundraising, and one pandemic later, Onalaska High School finally purchased and installed the Ecovim 250. Last week they were able to process the first batch of cafeteria food waste! The timing wasn’t right to ask students to separate their lunch waste – they just got back to in-person and lunches are grab-and-go, but they were able to collect pre-consumer waste from the district’s kitchens. Kids from a “Jobs Skills” class picked up the food and loaded/unloaded the machine – a task that provides them with a much-needed opportunity as their class has been limited due to Covid.

Program Coordinator and the Onalaska School District’s Master Gardener Jodie Visker, expressed her sincerest thanks to the Onalaska Education Foundation for the grant that helped make this possible! It’s been a labor of love leading some pretty inspirational kids through this project and community support got us through the time times!


Grant funding from the Onalaska Education Foundation continues to enrich the lives and educational experiences for students in Onalaska, WI schools!

Onalaska High School and Onalaska Middle School recently acquired new Tower Gardens. Both classrooms are loving watching live green things grow right in their rooms as well as the bright light the Towers provide! Plans are in the works as to how to best prepare the emerging veggies!