The Onalaska Education Foundation provides financial support for projects and programs that inspire teachers and students in the public and private schools within Onalaska, Wisconsin to achieve educational excellence. Our mission is to support educators in their quest to develop innovative opportunities for students, promote the incorporation of emerging technologies within the curriculum, facilitate business and private sector contributions to our schools, and encourage outstanding academic achievement among Onalaska students. 

The Foundation is currently committed to the following two projects:

Claude Deck Innovative Grants

Claude Deck Grants support teachers and students by funding innovative programs and creative projects that cannot be funded through the schools’ regular budgets. We have awarded over $142,000 to educators in Onalaska! 

Fill out our grant application if you are an Onalaska teacher looking for extra funding for a unique project.

Acts of Kindness / Seasons of Kindness

Acts of Kindness provides basic necessities for Onalaska students in need. We provide items such as socks, mittens, calculators, crayons, tennis shoes, and graduation gowns for students who would otherwise not have access to these essential supplies. Onalaska teachers contact us with requests as they recognize needs among their student population. 

We accept donations for this program and have a yearly wine tasting fundraiser that directly supports this fund. 

If you would like to contribute or volunteer to help with either of these projects, please contact us.

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